Friday, 14 September 2012

Chapter 2

Weeks passed and despite the demands of her busy physiotherapy practice Susan often found herself distracted by the recollection of the extraordinary emotions aroused within her by the laying of Dennis’s shed base. She wondered if he would call her when it was ready for topping out. A year ago she would never have dreamed of topping out, after all she was the product of a typical middle class household where such things were never mentioned. Her mother rarely if ever ventured into her fathers shed and if she did it was only to pass him a cup of tea. His shed was small, pokey even but back then there was something that appealed to her about it.

Sometimes she walked to her office, particularly on those late summer mornings when the footpath was full of cobwebs and she would hold her hand in front of her face to cast them aside. One one of these mornings she stopped to brush away a spider when she became aware of a scent, a strong aroma, sweet and yet pungent. It seemed to come from beyond the fence at the edge of the pavement.

The tree lined street was deserted at this early hour and so she stopped to look through a small knot hole in the fence. What she saw was to haunt her forever. In the middle of a large garden was a magnificent shed 13.50 x 16 .75 x 2.20 metres. Its proportions seemed just perfect to Susan. It was a dark brown in colour, exotic and intoxicating. It glistened in the early morning sun. Beside was an open tin with a brush loaded to bursting with a deep brown liquid. She squinted to read the label, it said CREOSOTE. This was the source of the wonderful aroma.

She breathed in deeply, taking great draughts of the scent at the same time scanning every inch of the shed. The roof was covered in a tight fitting felt, so tight that it seemed ready to burst out. At the corner was a length of jet black drain pipe, straight and majestic, secured firmly to the feather edged cladding. The door was ajar; open just enough for Susan’s imagination to wonder what lay beyond.

Susan had become extremely aroused; she knew she had to get closer to the shed. Although desperate not to lose sight of it she moved along the fence looking for a way in, suddenly the fence give way a little, she pushed gently and then in desperation beating it furiously with her fists. Suddenly the fence gave way and she was in the garden. She paused for a moment and then rushed headlong across the grass towards the shed.

A couple of bounds away she stopped in front of this great brown behemoth which seemed about to devour her. She knew that she had no choice but to submit and with that she grabbed the thick handle of the brush and soaked the shed and herself with the brown elixir. After a few moments it was all over, she slumped to the ground barely able to catch breath. She didn’t feel violated even though the shed stood there imperiously as if to say I wanted you, I had you, now go. She gathered herself and slunk away back to the fence, climbed through it and made her way to the office unaware of the brown stains covering her hands, face and dress.

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